Some Important Stuff

Well maybe we’re not going to close the project, but If we do it, we are going to start to a different project. Well I think Shafir is going to make a game about ”Yu-gi-Oh!” also If he wants I’m going to help him too.Well, I’m going to program a modpack in minecraft, It will be so hard, but If I work hard I will do it, so.. guys… let me have a conversation with Shafir first, then we’ll tell the news.Alright, see you guys later, maybe not here but on another blog.


Game Progress Weekly Update 12: Last News

We’re sorry for closing The Creators Of Destiny and stopping the game progress.We tried to do the best as we can but that didn’t work, obviously we’re not that good at ‘programming’ games, we didn’t make any progress so we stopped the whole project.I’ll tell you the other news when we decide what to do now. Goodbye everyone, have a nice day, and have a nice life.

No deadline anymore

Hi guys, you may know me may not. I am a helper from COD and shafir’s friend. I just want to say that we remove that stupid cou tdown/deadline because shafir is really ill; he almost cant think.
That’s all i want to say.


First World Release – Countdown

We has took the decesion to show the world that we are one of the best team ever created. Now are we making a statement. To three month from now will countdown tick. When it reaches zero will i make the post of the first world release. Wait three month so will you see the real game progress of ours. The prevous once where only to make them for you guys to be the time, that is why we do not make the weekly post, that is one of the reasons. I has recently seen teams not making any new progress and i understand them. It is hard to make something when you has nothing to have as a tool. But i has learned that if you have a will is there a way, and it is a way in my team. We are gonna make the world or die in the progress. I hope that you will follow the time. Until december, do i hope that you all have a good day, and have a good time.

Back to work!

Finally Im back from my birthday holiday Well im gonna finally back to work again and i thinked we are gonna have”Ranks” on Our game! Well i m not sure on some of ranks, for now im just publishing the ranks only team members can get it:







Im gonna publish normal ppls (not team members) ranks soon! For now see ya later on another post!


Since my computer did not work at all, it did not even show up the desktop. So until, either the computer is fixed, or when we has copied all the prevous data, on my laptop, will it not be any new game progress posts from me. The team members can write the post if they want, i will not stop them. The contests about “who has shown much support” still getting online. So the complete worlds needs to have a giant remake, so it will take much time, so will only be focusing on that for a while. So until my next posts do i hope that you will follow all the other team designer, for example LNA(Lego nexus adventure) TLT(The legend team) and TLC(The legendery chronicles). Thanks for your current support we will not get you dissapointed in the future!

Legonenen work review

Hi all 🙂

I am Lego Nenen.

I Work as a Tag adder and Advertiser.

But i don’t have much time for my main job (Ldd Building.) so its not much of a main job

Also sorry about the older post 😛

Game Progress Weekly Update 11: Third Person Controller

Now do we have a third pserson controller, which means that we will be able to have characters in 3D format that you can controll. Right now are we using the Unity basic character, that has aninimation, to test out the worlds. Once we get our minifigures form blender will we be able to have some characters demos. Since we did not have any update posts last week will it be one more update post in this week.

Im back, but…

Im back, for more action(?)

but why the questionmark? That is what im gonna tell now: Im not fully restored, but as long as im in the team, then i can fight! So my question is: What kind of models i should make?

Heres a poll about who you like the most:

This poll will let us know who is known and who not.

Our facebook page!

Here is our new facebook page! Keep the contact with us on facebook share your feelings, ideas, and imagination in the facebook chatroom. You will know all the people from the very beginning. //

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Invatation to new members!

After mrbeeingcool left did we feel sad and we thought we need new members, if he is gonna leave.  We created a page named  “Join The Team!” . Do you want to join the team write about yourself and your skill ,  if we have a place for you,  can we invite you to team! I think you people gonna like the page! We do still miss mrbeeingcool.  Do somebody see him tell him to get back to us , because we need him too! Goodbye! -Deniz

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Awful or not?

Guys, im taking a break because of my muscles. They are disabled so that im giving up the mood fast. IM NOT MAKING THIS UP! But im NOT sure if i come back to work. If it goes better, i can work. If not, i take a break and lay down my work…

I hope this is not goodbye, but i hope also that im fine soon. For now, i only make video’s, take care of my cat(i have one) and train my muscles, so that i can work again. 😥

A lot of things to tell!

First of all, we got more members, i saw this morning(well, morning in Holland), i find it not such a problem, just as long as we got 3 LDD Model designers, and(IMPORTANT) a scripter. Of course im just a model designer, and NOT a leader!


Also, i got something funny to tell, and something cool to show! Funny thing to tell was that 2 days ago, i got a LEGO Monster Fighters set(yes, another one). Now i only need 1 more set so i have the whole series complete. The funny thing is that in other countries(such as US) there ARENT LEGO Monster Fighters sets, but how i got them, is something im going to tell: I got them from a webshop, and the webshops got the sets from US! Weird, right? The cool thing to show, is this:



To tell you more of the video: The name of this Bi-plane is Sopwith Camel. It costs $99,99/€79,99. It has this many pieces: 883. It is Set #10226, and my comment on it is: Awesome Bi-plane! I love it! It has a fitting price to buy it! The designer must have spend years on it! Oh, and my vote is: 10/10(Because i love it so much!)
And 1 more thing, then im done with this post: Im now starting my progress with making Models on LDD! 😀 XD X3(i love the X3 smiley!)

Let us do 2000 views!

Count Down Challenge

If you think the last reward of the countdown challenge was good,  well you love the next one!

If we will be able to reach 2000 before start of September,  very very rare and special gift.  As a thanks for  you following this blog to the very end.




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Good news and bad news.

Good news: Im am so much busy with the models, i cant even get a break.

Bad news: My newest model im making needs a part i dont know how it is called.

There are 3 tiny sticks connected, thats how it looks like. If you know what i mean, and you know this part, then comment the name in this post. Your reward? A GOLDEN MECH IN THE GAME! 😀

Good days,Bad days

Ahh finally im back from a adventure… I will gonna start again to Blender and Unity and by the way i started some models on LDD too!Nvm im really tired Im gonna finish my spaceships on LDD !! I hope i will finish them soon And we uploaded so many things to game And Chat -_- we have some problems on it but we will fix soon! And we need more ppl to blog invite your friends and family to follow us! Cya later ppl!Bye!

Game Progress Weekly Update 9: Unity game review

It has been done much is theses following weeks, first has i now got some more models from mrbeeingcool and legenen. Then has i know learned some new scripst, that i will publish in the game soon. Now when i has been able to place a basic character in the game, has i now been able to show the game progress in a video. Since i am still waiting for the modified models from mrbeeingcool, so will the models been changed in the future, the texture as well. The demo is soon able to be released, the demo will be based on mrbeeingcools idea, let me quote: “guys, i got this idea from a different game i quit on: IF we can add quest players, that would we very good for the player i bet. This can be useful for if you dont want to make a account, but i was thinking about some bad things for this feature: like NO chatting for the quest players, NO having all gear in the game, and the guest players do have 1 look(the boy guests have 1, and the girl guests have one). Maybe that sounds a little rude, but those guests have the same abilities with the normal players if the guests dont have those things…” Since Lego group announced that we cannot make money from the game, will the community for the “guests” in the game not been released, instead will it be on the demo, so you will be meeting another players, but you will not be able to chat with them, yet. You wil be shown little of everything the game gas to give to you, like racing, battling and much more! Note the DEMO do not have music yet, i were adding it when i were creating the video.

Thanks for 1000 views!

I will thank, once again for all the peoples support and we will continue our teams game progress. A big thanks to all of you. Here is a little clip that i created by myself,  as a thanks.

Team Members Work

Keep us working!

In the hardest things is the best thing that we have si friendship, and with this song will i tell you all that if we work together can all things be possible. The worlds i often hard for enw talents, and some needs friends, i am happy taht i meeted raysfan, i has been likea  bortehr to me. I am not sure how  i will thank him, and has been the symbol for the team and my potential of the team. Mrbeeingcool, i has been a person that always, and had a good humor and alway wanted to help the team is all ways, i has not found a more onnest person. denizekdial, he has been the reason of the teams creation, and keept me working over all this time, without him would i has left the team for a long time ago. legenen, gave the team so much publicity that i am not sure we cannto handle more, he gave the team, a chance to rise. Now will i think tah this song will make up all things. The road of destiny is build by imagination!


Guys, im back, and this time, im gonna build hard(on LDD or course.)! I got the following things to build on LDD:

-All buildings from LEGO Island 2(Main Island)

-1 vehicle from LEGO Arctic(MAYBE)

I hope this is not a problem.

Game Progress Weekly Update 8: Imported models with colour

I has managed to colour some models in blender, and succesfully imported them to Unity. Since the view in Unity with “scene view” is different from the “game view” do it mean that the models you see below, will not be the same in the release of the game, and since leocad, sadly, do not import all the bricks from LDD, so that means that i will need to put them otehr bricks, which means theses mdoels below will look better. The models are builded by myself and raysfan.

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Game Progress Weekly update 7: Teams and factions

Im back lego fans and i have lots of good news we are gonna add factions on the game!There is 6 factions and one of theis special admin Faction!Im trying to make their logos now i hope i will finish soon!And we are gonna add teams too!Team can have their OWN logo and teams max be 5 people 1 leader 1 co-leader and 3 members ! And they can make their own name to their team!!!

Demo screenshots!

Now i am showing you a little taste of the game, it will not be exactly like this, but we will do our best to make the game, with a so good graphic as possible. has you may heard that mrbeeingcool raysfan00 and the new team member legonenen is working hard to make the models so good as possible, now am i giving all the credit and there great work to them. Enjoy theses exclusive screesnshost, that you were not will find, easily, anywere else.

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Game progress weekly update 6: Blender Material

Has i promised, i am now having some screenshots over, the grass, and treees i made in blender, but i will give all the credits to rioforce, he did make the idea, i only added up some details.  i has now learned in which for mat i need to import the models from LDD to Blender, so now will the rest of the things be a piece of cake. Now, has you may already heard, has i said taht it will be somekind of game demo, wel   since the progress of the model is not so good, will i instead show you a video of the demo, it will be a fast demo with no big models in the video, but it will be better, when it released. If you want to go to my youtube channel and the future work, and other videos, here is the link:   Once again will  i thank rioforce for the files. 

LEGO model design doesnt goes up!

LEGO model design doesnt goes up, but i CAN finish it over 2 weeks(because im taking my vacation this Monday), but if im with full speed, i can finish them TODAY.

And btw, im also making a huge bridge in LDD, so i HAD to move that away, and build houses, police stations…actually some buildings in a city…

And today, i will post a new poll(if i can)!

And of course, im still making video’s on YouTube, but im still busy with a LEGO Movie(well, with collecting ALL sets)…

So, im VERY, VERY busy today…so please, dont bother me…Sometimes i will be Online in the Chat, so that means that i can chill for a while.

New island

Here i am showing you the island, but this with more colour, now when i has got some more textures, again this will not be the final version of it. On this screenshots can you see a burning volcano, with some mountains around it, and some water in the corners. I hope you like the island. 

Game Progress Weekly update 5: Building island (quickdraw) and Story update

Hi! I am back and better than ever, as you may can guess to the topic has i now created a fast island in Unity, this not the final version of it, but it will look like this, but ti will have more textures and buildings. We have decided that it will at least be 5 words in the alpha version of the game, that is the minimum so it will be more worlds, and in this version of the game will all the worlds be islands, some bigger than other, depends on there valua. It will be no space at all in this version, so starship will not be in the game, instead will the game start in a city, the name is not confirmed yet, and the story will be about a prisoner that take out pages from a book, the book will have the purpose for all the LEGO creations in the world, and the pages will be stranded on many worlds in the universe, and there start the game. I hope you like the story! Until my next posts will i work on character, my first goal is to create a quickdraw of enemies, i can say right now that the enemies will be machine as well. 

Help for 1000 Views!

Everyone Help for 1000 views, until start August, and thanks for 500 views!Invite your friends and family members to reach 1000 views!

-Deniz Ekdial/StalwarTempestWrench (LU)

Game progress weekly update 4: Currently working on new models.

Currently working on the following models(in order):

  • A spaceship(Its good, but the transparent Flex Hose was so tricky, that it looks a bit fail…)
  • A submarine(WORKING ON)
  • A factory(with cool looking guardian)
  • A alien ship

At last, there will also be a weird looking giant.

When something is done AND it is at Shafir’s E-Mail, then i give my reaction on the models. 😉 You can do so too.

This is what people think about our site:

I needed to be serious with making this, so you guys need to be serious too with your vote.

Models of LDD everywhere around me(meant to be good news)!

Im making a lot of models on LDD now…Plus i need to make a decoration for a new movie im gonna make with LEGO: LEGO Monster Fighters The Movie!

And the movie’s decoration is gonna take(i think) 1 week to make.

So the time when im done with ALL models i need to make is(i think) after the LEGO Monster Fighters movie, but i get 2 things to do, so im working so hard, that i will earn something :3

Game progress weekly update 2

Since the last logo where illegal and a only  quickdraw, i am now showing you the half of the game logo it is only the name, but the logo is far from finished, but it is a great start! The whole logo is NOT copyrighted we has created it. The whole logo are created be denizekdial and not by me. A big thanks to him and his imagine! This post will be my last, for a while, since i am busy by creating the update and reocrd some videos will i now instead pass the blog to the pther team members, but you will still see me around but so much. To the next time get your game on! – Shafir 

Game progress weekly update 1

Here am i showing you the very first update on the game, I will post at least once a week, if not even more, posts on the blog so you will be always knowing what is going on in the game. Since of  the backround is not yet finished to be seen, am I instead showing you some of the car, they are all made for different LEGO themes in the game. Theses three cars will be in the themes pirate, star wars, and adventures. I wil not tell which cars that are made up for the themes, but you will figure it out. Sneaky right! They are all made in LDD and it were I that built them, it took me up to one hour to make each of these cars, I did not take anything from other games, and they are NOT copyrighted. Has you may are seeing are they all watermarked, that is because the team do not want people are taking the pictures without havingt any credits to there owners. If you any time want the pictures without the watermarks you need to talk to me, if it is for, for example a school projects, i may let you get them, without watermarks, if it is for private i may do not give them to you. Be not sad we will soon post up pictures there you can dowload, but this time with a good watermark, theses watermarks were only quickdrawed, i promise taht they will be better in the future.

Building Contest!

I am hosting a building contest this week. If you want to parcipate feel free to. You are going to build either a temple, a castle or a LEGO headquarter, the choose is yours, it will be all in LEGO. When you have finished your building send it to and i and my team will look into your creation and give a winner. The winner will join our team and his/her creation will be into the game. You need to first have to download Unity3D or LDD (Lego digitial designer) on your computer. You need to know how to make texture. Even if you think that you are just a begginer, so it is worth to try, noone know if you would win if you do not even try it out. Here is a example of the building i found on internet. Note that the building do not need to look like these on the picture, they are only examples, and realize to create you OWN creation. If you want to parcipate comment on this post and tell your mail and which building you a re going to create. Let the best builder win! 

Game screenshots (from OTHER lego games)

As I promissed will i have some screenshots over other Lego adventure games. In our game will it be like them on the screenshots, but with much detail, and do not forget any effects. It will be all from mediaval, into cities, and even some islands with secrets on every corner. I hope you get a good imagine when you see these screenshots. The picture are took from Lego island 2, Lego Racers 2 and Lego football mania.

Progress Updates Coming Soon

Since we are busy with the game, and just getting started with the graphic, will we probably, not having any progress updates in this following week, but i will assure you that i will have other activities, so you will not get annoyed. I will have one or two contest in this following week as well, and i will probably show you some screenshots over other Lego games, so you will have a tough about what the game will look like. 

Defeat The Clock!

This is a little competition. We will try to see if we can get up to 500 views before star of Juli. The only people that can make this happen are all of you. Let us now get our game on, and defeat time, once and for all!

Music artist

We has now found the person who is going to make the music for the game. We will never have any copyright from other compmanies. All music is created and publiced by our team members. We are now one step closer to finish our game, but it is still much work left.

Logo (Quickdraw)

Here I am having a first version of our teams game- logo and name.  This is only quickdraw of the logo , we has not maked so much time to it, but i am sure that this is not the final version of it. It were denizekdial that created this quickdraw of the logo. A big thanks to him!


We has now decided about which items we will put into the game, since it is a LEGO game so will we make them very easy, and they will be easy to use. We ahve decided by adding, for example, swords, shields and guns. Note that the game will NOT have anything, for example, blood. and we do not allow sexual in the game. This game is for kids to have fun and play!

Here is the release date

The official game will be releaed somewhere in 2013, but we are working full in the progress, so i can say that the BETA version will be on January, if all things works perfect, but it can to be longer than that if issues occur. The Alpha version will be somewhere on the spring.

Here is a little introduction

Hello i and a friend, Deniz Ekdial, are members of the team, The creators of destiny. We will be constantly posting new updates of our progress, so you not miss anything about the game progress. You may has seen me active on “Lego chronicles” team blog, Raysfan00 is it him to thank for all the information. – Shafir